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Search Results: "Sofia Rose"

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Wake and BJ

    Plumper Pass-Wake and BJ

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    Sofia Rose is back and she's looking better than ever! Wearing a dress that hugs all of her curves, showing off her voluptuous figure. She was hoping Bruno would love it for date night but when Sofia goes to get him, he's passed out on the couch. Looking

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Hurricane Hottie

    Plumper Pass-Hurricane Hottie

    by Admin Added 261 Views / 0 Likes

    Hurricane Irma just came through Miami and Sexy-mommy, Sofia Rose is looking for someone to help with getting her house back together. Luckily she stumbles upon Tony who just so happens to specialize in that sort of thing! So they had back to her place fo

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Staying Home with Sofia

    Plumper Pass-Staying Home with Sofia

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    JB wants to go grab a beer at his local watering hole but he can't seem to find his damn keys. His girlfriend, Sofia, doesn't want him to go. She wants him to stay home with her but he's not having it. Sofia goes back and changes into something a little m

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Late Night Hook Ups

    Plumper Pass-Late Night Hook Ups

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    Sofia Rose was coming back from a horrible date when she bumped into her friend Juan. Juan being the good guy he is, saw Sofia was upset, and came to lend a shoulder to cry on. Next thing she knows he's complimenting her on her massive tits and she is say

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Air B&BW

    Plumper Pass-Air B&BW

    by Admin Added 596 Views / 0 Likes

    Ralph takes his girlfriend, Sofia Rose, on vacation for a weekend getaway to Miami. They decided to change it up and stay at an air b&b overlooking the water instead of the usual hotel. Sofia absolutely loves the view of the city. After the tour Ralph

  • Popular Plumper-Pass-Strip Pong

    Plumper-Pass-Strip Pong

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  • Popular Plumper-Pass-Fantasy Fucking

    Plumper-Pass-Fantasy Fucking

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    Sofia is upset about Ralph drafting her favorite player during their fantasy football draft party, so she decides to let him have it. This gets Ralph going and now he really wants to fuck her but knows she can't stand him right now. While trying to explai