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  • Popular Neighbor Affair – Delilah Davis

    Neighbor Affair – Delilah Davis

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    Delilah Davis is convinced that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She looks to comfort in her neighbor Pete. Pete gladly lends her a shoulder to cry on and a cock to fuck in order to help her forget all about her cheating boyfriend.

  • Popular American Daydreams – Sarah Vandella

    American Daydreams – Sarah Vandella

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    Sarah Vandella’s husband’s friend, Kris, is visiting. While having a conversation Sarah starts to dose off and daydream about fucking Kris. Unfortunately for her it was all just a wonderful dream.

  • Popular My Friend’s Hot Girl – Victoria Rae Black

    My Friend’s Hot Girl – Victoria Rae Black

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    Victoria Rae Black isn’t feeling well so her boyfriend’s friend, Chad, stops by with flowers to help her feel better. Victoria really appreciates the gesture, but there is only one thing that will make her feel better and that’s a hot be

  • Popular Neighbor Affair – Luna C. Kitsuen

    Neighbor Affair – Luna C. Kitsuen

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    Luna decides it’s a good idea to have a little water fight with her neighbor while he’s busy studying. Needless to say her neighbor isn’t amused by her antics. She offers to let him get her shirt wet in return. He accepts the offer and i

  • Popular My Sisters Hot Friend – Alexis Texas

    My Sisters Hot Friend – Alexis Texas

    by Admin Added 34.1k Views / 1 Likes

    Alexis Texas can’t stand the fact her friend keeps sending her brother Billy to pick her up after work. Since they’re alone, Alexis and Billy decide to see if they can be naughty friends with benefits…

  • Popular My Friend’s Hot Girl – Dee Dee Lynn

    My Friend’s Hot Girl – Dee Dee Lynn

    by Admin Added 14.6k Views / 2 Likes

    Dee Dee Lynn just got back from the movies with her boyfriend’s friend, Bill. Seems like Dee Dee and Bill have more in common than Dee Dee and her current boyfriend. Dee Dee and Bill quickly realize this and decide to take the plunge by having Bill

  • Popular My Sisters Hot Friend – Kendall

    My Sisters Hot Friend – Kendall

    by Admin Added 11k Views / 0 Likes

    Kendall is hanging out at her friend’s place, but her friend is out at the moment. Her friend’s brother, Xander, is hanging out doing yard work. Kendall decides that the best way to pass the time while she waits for her friend to arrive is to

  • Popular Naughty Office – Raven Bay

    Naughty Office – Raven Bay

    by Admin Added 19.2k Views / 1 Likes

    Raven feels under appreciated at work because Johnny comes in with a big stack of folders for her to complete while he goes off to a meeting. He returns around midnight and find Raven still hard at work. She gives him a piece of her mind and Johnny apolog

  • Popular My First Sex Teacher – Emilianna

    My First Sex Teacher – Emilianna

    by Admin Added 7,257 Views / 1 Likes

    Dean Emilianna can’t believe Brad has been sent to see her again. How many times can one student get in trouble in a semester? She’s beginning to think he’s doing it on purpose, just to see her. And she thinks that is hot. Come and get i

  • Popular My Friends Hot Mom – Eva Notty

    My Friends Hot Mom – Eva Notty

    by Admin Added 26.3k Views / 3 Likes

    Eva Notty is tanning by the pool when her son’s friend. Xander, shows up. Xander spill a drink on his pants and Eva offers to help clean it up. While wiping his pants down she feels his bulge and she knows then that she just has to have him so she p

  • Popular My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend – Carter Cruise

    My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend – Carter Cruise

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    Jessy interrupts Carter while she’s getting ready in the bathroom to go out. He puts his foot down on his dad’s new girlfriend because he doesn’t appreciate her being out every night spending his dad’s money while he is at work. He

  • Popular Asian 1 on 1 – Morgan Lee

    Asian 1 on 1 – Morgan Lee

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    Morgan Lee is having sushi eaten off her body. All her customers leave and only 1 man is left standing to finish off the last few rolls. After the last bit is eaten off her body Morgan decides that now she is hungry, but she’s only interested in sau